L@st Dimension aligned with "servicenow" CI - CD in Dev/Ops Technical Support

1.Reliable Software IN process. 

2.EverythINg Automated Built IN.

 3.Source Control and everythINg IN

 4."Released" means "Done and quality" IN.

 5.Everybody Involved.


Infrastructure Management Support

 Reduce duplication of effort within "Company Standards" in a "Changeable environment" + "Interoperability".

ITIL + 5 Key Digital Transformation:  

(1) Strategy: Evolve beyond bimodal thinking.   

(2) Design: An infrastructure for innovation.  

(3) Transition: Capitalize on new data-management technology.

(4) Operation: Address skills gaps that can stall transformation efforts.

(5) Continuous Improvement: Choose high-impact transformation initiatives. 

Artificial Inteligence on the road again - Bigdata enabling it!!

* Understand how Artificial Intelligence is already being used across your Organization.

* Closely follow  Customer Services -  Use Cases

* Break free consumerization of IT.

* Effective Knowledge Management.

* Virtual and Personal  Support as team members.

* Digital Consumerization and end-users expectation.

* Knowledge capabilities aligned with Artificial Intelligence.

* Machine Learing supported by Humans.

What Else?...What Else?...What Else?...What Else?...What Else?.......